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Molekulare Gastronomie in San Sebastian

mugaritz.PNGMittlerweile hat sich das Baskenland in ein Eldorado der molekularen Küche verwandelt, stellt die New York Times fest. Als besonders empfehlenswert wird Andoni Luis Aduriz‘ Restaurant „Mugaritz“ beschrieben. Und wirklich, was Denny Lee hier schreibt, klingt schon nach einer Menge Spaß:

An 11-course tasting dinner (112 euros, or $175 at $1.48 to the dollar, without drinks) included a deceptively simple salad, a micro-Eden of contrasting greens that tasted like spring; and a beautifully charred steak resembling a lump of red-hot coal, served with frites made from blackened radishes. Some dishes worked better on paper (sheep’s milk curd with toasted fern, for example, was as bland as oatmeal), but if gastronomy is about adventure, Mugaritz offers a thrilling and eye-opening ride.

(Via Chocolate in Context)