Blumenthals Chilispritze

269320994_ecf41c2778_m.jpgSchon ein bisschen älter, dieser Artikel in der Daily Mail, aber dennoch allein wegen dieser Aufzählung von Experimenten Heston Blumenthals lesenswert:

1: He tells me he is to introduce guitar effects pedals to his restaurant. They will play back amplified, distorted versions of the diner’s mastications into their ears.

2: He is to introduce cooling fans covered in seaweed to enhance a fish dish.

3: He’s just cracked how to make hot ice-cream. „It’s taken nearly four years but my chefs and I have sussed it: backwards ice-cream! „It’s piping hot when you serve it and it melts as it cools down.“

4: And he recently injected his head chef with a dangerously high dose of chilli oil, intravenously, and then slid him into a £5 million MRI scanner to see how the spices reacted with his brain.

Zu seinen Gästen, so heißt es, soll er aber sehr freundlich sein.

(Foto: Grumpy Chris)

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